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Tokyo Bay Ninja Cruise

For centuries, traditional style wooden tour boats called yakatabune have cruised the water of Japan’s many rivers. The root of yakatabune is believed to be the boat popular among aristocrats in the 8th to 9th centuries, where you can have party while sailing the river. Yakatabune continue to preserve the traditional cruising style of yesteryear in a new form of entertainment – to explore Japan’s quirky side with ninja experience cruise.

What Kind of Ninja Cruise Are We Talking About?

While a traditional yakatabune cruise can have the image of sophisticated and refined dining experience, the ninja cruise is the one to relive the party mood with noisy but lively atmosphere. The outfit of crew members also contributes to the very unique atmosphere on the boat – the ninja costumes.

As the boat sailed on, Japanese style hospitality “omotenashi” is another tradition kept on yakatabune. Serving you with tasty traditional Japanese cuisine that is now designated as UNESCO World Heritage, in this interactive cruise you’ll also be the main part of the show. Put on your ninja mask and learn from our Ninja Master the secret of ninja skills. All of that will be going on inside the warmth of yakatabune.

In yakatabune cruise, the passenger seats are located close to the water level. Looking up everything along the river from the water level, the cityscape looks very different. The best viewing spot is on the rooftop deck where you can have a 360-degree view and a chance to dress up in ninja costume for a legendary photoshoot.



Cruise type: Chartered Cruise with minimum 20 peoples.
Price: 13,500 yen per person.
Includes a 2 hour cruise with stunning views of Tokyo, Japanese course dinner, all-you-can-drink alcohol and soft drinks, and a ninja show on board.

Boarding Place and Time: The place will change for each cruise. Our representative will further inform you for the boarding place and time after you finish your reservation.
Alternatively if you’d like to know more detailed information of boarding time and place before booking your reservation, please contact us.



1. Can I bring my children?

hile we don't have a strict age limit for cruise it's geared towards adults. Bring your kids at your own peril?

2. Is the boat non-smoking?

any of the boats for the Tokyo Bay Ninja Cruise will be non-smoking but not all. If you're particular either about smoking or non-smoking please inquire before you make your reservation.

3. Can I dress up like a ninja?

Yes we’ll have a few costumes on hand so you can put on the costume and take a few pictures!

4. What sort of performances will I see?

As mentioned above this cruise is not a show. It’s an interactive experience where you join in on the fun by wearing your ninja mask and playing ninja themed games!

5. When’s the next cruise?

Please check the ninja cruise schedule.

6. How long is the cruise?

2.5 hours

Most of the other details for the cruise are the same as a regular yakatabune cruise so please refer to the Guide & FAQ for general info. If you have any other questions please contact us.