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The Tokyo Yakatabune Association features over 100 traditional Yakatabune boats that offer a wide variety of unforgettable cruises in the Tokyo Bay area. With plans starting from 5,000 yen for lunch and 10,000 yen for dinner, we have a cruise just for you.

Book a Cruise

Booking a yakatabune cruise with the Tokyo Yakatabune Association is easy. When you send us a reservation request, simply tell us the following information, and we'll find a boat just for you.

1. Choose a plan

From night-time cruising to historical tours special events and even lunch cruises, we have the shared and chartered plans to explore the Tokyo Bay area for any occasion. Take a look at our plans, and choose one just for you. View Plans & Routes

2. Tell us when you want a cruise

Our yakatabune boats run all year round. Let us know the date and time you would like to enjoy a cruise, and your party details. We will find a boat just for you and your guests.
Except for hanami (cherry blossom) season, Shared Lunch Cruises are usually not available. However Chartered Lunch Cruises are normally available.
Departure Areas
  • Five convenient areas
    The 35 members of the Tokyo Yakatabune Association cover five convenient areas around the Tokyo Bay region. To find the area closest to you, please see our route map.
    Keihin & Shinagawa Area
    Hamamatsucho Area
    Fukagawa & Tsukishima Area
    Asakusabashi Area
    Sumida River Area

    View Plans & Routes
  • A pier for each boat
    Each boat has its own boarding location. When you receive information about which boat has been reserved for you, please see the Locations page to find the boarding location for your particular boat.

    View Boats & Locations
  • Additional locations
    Tokyo Yakatabune Association boats also have access to the following public piers for Chartered Cruises (additional charges apply).
    Akashi Pier
    Azumabashi Pier
    Etchujima Pier
    Harumi Pier
    Nihonbashi Pier
    Odaiba Palette Town
    Sakurabashi Pier

3. Complete your reservation

Once we've found a boat for you, we'll send you an email with the cruise information, along with a payment link for the reservation. If you are happy with the details, simply process the payment, and your reservation will be finalized. The only thing left is to come to the boarding location and hop on board!
If you would like to make any changes to your reservation details, you may do so before completing payment. Changes made after payment may be subject to change or cancellation fees. Details will be provided in the cruise information email.

Welcome on board

20 and over
Consumption of alcohol in Japan is limited to adults age 20 and over. We ask for all guests' cooperation in observing the law.
Please designate a driver if you plan to drive after your cruise. If caught, all parties will be held responsible without exception by Japanese law.

Yakatabune Cruise FAQ

Making Reservations

How will you choose a boat for me? Can I choose a specific boat?

Based on the number of people in your party, time of day/year, and boat availability, we will select the best possible boat for you. Once we have found a boat with availability at your requested cruise date and time, we will send you information regarding the specific boarding location. You will have an opportunity to review the details before confirming the reservation and processing payment.
Please note: as certain boats may not be available due to other reservations and schedule timing, the Tokyo Yakatabune Association cannot accept requests for specific boats.

Can I change the number of guests in my group after I make a reservation?

Each boat will have somewhat different change policies, however most are able to accept minor changes in the number of passengers with advance notice. Please be aware that as boats prepare food in advance according to the number of guests in your party, cancellations in part or in whole on the day of your reserved cruise date are non-refundable. Please contact us as soon as possible with regard to any changes to your reservation. For additional details, please see our cancellation policy.Cancellation Policy

Can I bring my children?

Yes. We also offer discounts for children 12 and under on certain cruises. Please be aware that some boats cannot accomodate children on Shared Cruises.

Can I charter a boat for my family or a small group?

Depending on the time of year, day of the week, and boat availability, it may be possible to charter a boat for a small number of guests. Please be aware that you will be charged for the minimum number of guests for Chartered Cruises. If you would prefer a Shared Cruise and none are scheduled or available on your preferred cruise date and time, we may also be able to arrange a Shared Cruise for your party with other guests. For more information please send an e-mail to

What is your cancellation policy?

For information on cancellations for reservations made through the Tokyo Yakatabune Association, please refer to our cancellation policy page. Cancellation Policy

Getting There

How do I get to my boarding location?

We recommend using Tokyo's train and subway systems, as they are convenient and reliable. We suggest planning to arrive at the boarding location at least 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time, in case you encounter any delays.

Is parking available near my boarding location?

Most boarding locations do not provide parking. There are usually several public coin parking lots nearby, however we cannot guarantee parking availability. In addition, traffic around Tokyo may cause additional delays during certain times or days. If you miss the departure time, your reservation cannot be refunded. Please be aware that if you will be driving to your boarding location and your party is planning on drinking, you will need to have a designated driver.

Can I take a taxi to my boarding location?

While taxis are a hassle-free way to travel in Tokyo, the traffic around Tokyo may cause additional delays during certain times or days. If you miss the departure time, your reservation cannot be refunded.

During the Cruise

Are the boats safe?

The waters in Tokyo Bay and in the surrounding rivers are usually calm, and pose little danger to any watercraft. Additionally, Tokyo Bay is regularly patrolled by safety vessels. Life preservers are stowed onboard each boat for every passenger. Though unlikely, should it become necessary during an emergency, please remain calm and follow the directions of the staff in order to proceed to a safe location. In addition, all boats are fully insured in the event of any situation.

Are there toilets onboard?

Yes. All of the boats in the Tokyo Yakatabune Association have two or more toilets that are regularly cleaned and maintained.

Is it cold during winter? Is it hot during summer?

All of the boats in the Tokyo Yakatabune Association are equipped with heating and air conditioning in the passenger cabin, to provide maximum comfort during the cruise, all year round. However, we recommend guests to bring a warm jacket on cruises during the winter, as the outdoor upper/outer deck may be cold.

Should I be concerned about seasickness?

As yakatabune are constructed very wide, they are less susceptible to back and forth rolling than regular boats. However, as Tokyo Bay is tidal, there may be brief periods during the cruise where the ride is bumpy. While it is rare for passengers to experience sea sickness, for guests who are particularly concerned about sea sickness, we recommend taking motion sickness medicine prior to the cruise. We also recommend guests taking sickness medicine to enjoy alcohol in moderation, as it may interfere with the effectiveness of the medicine.

Where can I store my belongings during the cruise?

Please feel free to bring your belongings with you on the cruise. Our boats have plenty of space inside, so you can keep your belongings near you beside your table. We ask all guests to please take off their shoes and store them in the shelves just outside the passenger cabin door. As a precaution, we also recommend guests to keep an eye on their belongings during the cruise, as some items could roll around and get lost in the passenger cabin.

Do you have a vegetarian option?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate vegetarian meal options. For chartered cruises we may be able to make slight changes to our menu. Please inquire in advance by email for more information about possible menu changes.

I have a food allergy. Can you tell me how the food is prepared?

In order to provide our guests with authentic Japanese cuisine, many of our dishes are prepared with meat and poultry products, or with peanut oil and other possible allergens. If you or a guest have a specific allergy or dietary restriction, please let us know so that we can provide information on our food. Please note: while we are happy to provide information on how our food is prepared, for shared cruising we are unable to accommodate changes or special requests to our menus. For Chartered Cruises, there are some cases where we may be able to accommodate changes or special requests to our menus. For more information, please inquire by email.

For other questions, please send us an email.